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Pantitlán, comes from the Nahuatl voice that means “between two flags” - flags that were used to warn canoes of strong whirlpools- whirlpools in which the waters mixed, taking everyone with them. Pantitlán is a place. Pantitlán is not exclusive. It is the place where people mingle, exchange, get twisted, get together, get transformed. Between two flags we bring the water of the gods, the mezcal, the spirit that doesn’t get you drunk but gets you magical. The food that you need to feel the real street spirit of Mexico, and discover your own. The expression of those artists who come from the navel of the moon and the lowlands. Between two flags: MX & NL.
We are a Collective based in Amsterdam organizing cultural events reflecting Mexican culture.

Part 2
5 December 2018

Part 1
12 September 2018

Street food stalls flood Mexico’s urban landscapes and are a vivid part of its culinary traditions. If you walk in the streets of any city in Mexico you will only need little time to realise: the street is a giant restaurant with non stop costumers - service is 24/7.
The street taco stall is a meeting place for a neighbourhood and a transient space for people on the go. It is the place where people come together, no matter their background, over a common interest: delicious warm food. Street food, their bustle, the sensory coloured chaos and the way it approaches your senses, makes of these places an experience, more than a simple place to satisfy hunger.
In the pop-up taquería of Pantitlán you will find our all time favourite taco: The Taco Placero. Commonly found in street taquerías outside metro stations and markets, it is a taco where we can all participate in making however we want it. As if it where a Lego game, the trick is to know how to build your taco with an infinity of ingredients over a base: a tortilla and a stew. That is the beauty of it, as we say in Mexico “everything fits in a Taco Placero”.

Mezcal is the drink of the gods. Produced since prehispanic times, it has impregnated Mexico’s ancestral history with the mystery and magic of ancient traditions. Mezcal production follows artisan methods, which requires craftsmanship, patience and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. There are many types of agaves, the plants that give origin to mezcal, but there are three that are the most used for its production: Espadín, Tobalá and Madrecuixe. This edition of Pantitlan presents a selection of mezcales espadín. In Mexico it is said that you drink your mezcal “a besitos”, which means that you should drink it by giving it small kisses.’’Met kusjes'' in Dutch. To share the respect and love we have for Mezcal, we would like to drink a couple of mezcales with you.

The Pantitlan Galería section provides an open space for young artists, designers and creators to unite in the collaborative environment of Pantitlán for an all round experience of contemporary Mexican culture. The galería creates a space (physically and online) for showcasing an emerging new wave of Mexican talent, who’s upcoming and progressive creations are impacting not only Mexican territories, but also reaching internationally. As well for Mexican creators living abroad, in the Netherlands or throughout Europe, acting out as a platform for connecting and sharing - paired up with international creators that interpret in their own eyes different aspects of “mexicanity”. The Galería is curated uniquely for each pop-up event, helping reinterpret the stereotypes that surround the “sombrero” culture - as it’s main reason of existence is to show the diversity of discourses.
If you wish to purchase any of the artworks in our collection, please contact
We always welcome collaborations, so please say Hola if you want to exchange ideas!


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We always welcome collaborations, so please say Hola if you want to exchange ideas!

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